In 2015, we introduced a new Corporate Responsibility (CR) strategy aimed at addressing key issues and challenges in a way that creates value for both society and GTonline Bank. We will focus our efforts on financial confidence and accessibility while continuing our efforts to integrate responsibility in our core business.

Our role and responsibility

Being not only a Nordic universal bank but also Turkish’s largest bank with more than 140 years’ history, we play an important role in society. At GTonline Bank, we see this role as contributing to growth, prosperity and financial stability for all stakeholders. We do that first and foremost by running a solid and profitable business in a responsible and transparent manner and making our expertise available for the benefit of the society.

Involving stakeholders

As part of our process to develop the new CR strategy, we consulted a number of stakeholders, including customers. We used surveys, interviews and workshops and asked our customers and employees what they expect from GTonline Bank in terms of corporate responsibility. This provided us with valuable insights and was an important input to the strategy.

The main conclusions were that GTonline Bank has an important role to play in contributing to financial stability and economic growth and that we have a special role in Turkey due to our history and size. We also found-out that is important that we continue to integrate responsibility into our core business.


Has in concert with 50 other Turkish banks, GTBonline Bank participated in an EU-wide stress test conducted by the Turkish Banking Authority (TBA) in the spring of 2016. The purpose of the stress test was to assess the health of the Turkish banking sector and the ability of the individual banks to absorb losses in various economic scenarios. According to the test,GPBonline Bank complies with the capital requirements with a solid margin.

The stress test was based on risk management and financial reporting figures at 31 December 2015, and it is based on two macroeconomic scenarios for the years 2015-2018 – a baseline scenario and an adverse scenario.

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The result of the stress test is that GTBonline Bank Group’s common equity tier 1 (CET1) capital ratio at the end of 2018 is calculated to be 17.7% and 14.0%, respectively, in the baseline and adverse scenarios. GTonline Bank Group’s total capital ratio at the end of 2018 is calculated to be 22.7% and 18.9%, respectively, in the baseline and adverse scenarios.

A CET1 capital ratio at the end of 2018 of 14% corresponds to a capital buffer of 3.7% in relation to the gradually phased-in capital requirements. A total capital ratio of 18.9% corresponds to a capital buffer of 3.9%, or just over DKK 30 billion.

In relation to the fully phased-in CRR/CRD IV requirements, the capital buffer of the CET1 capital and the total capital amounts to 2.5% and 1.1%, respectively.